30 Day Drawing Challenge. Day 10/Hand & Lock Window Display

Today's Drawing takes a different form (and size)...

One of the great things about Hand & Lock is the trust they have in their interns. It was mine and Alison's task to design and complete the display for the window.  So on the first day back and the beginning of the New Year we went for a wander around Oxford street, searching for inspiration for our January themed window. We decided to have a colour scheme adhering to  'January Blues' with a bit of orange and green to brighten things up. 

New Year always brings new beginnings, new horizons and adventures.  Creating this visually through embroidered hot air balloons and playfully surreal illustrations. 

I decided to create an illustration that was based on this theme but also included the spirit of Hand & Lock, with hands embroidering and holding threads alongside giant spools of thread. 

The illustration size I was aiming for was roughly 1 x 1.5m, which is the largest size I've ever had one of my drawings.  So I began by making a rough sketch of what I wanted to create, then using my own hands as models, I started to draw outlines that flowed around and grasped giant threads and yarns. I then created a separate drawing of a hot air balloon. 


2014-01-15 15.01.40.jpg
2014-01-06 11.21.49.jpg
Initial sketch and Idea for illustration

Initial sketch and Idea for illustration

2014-01-06 11.21.02.jpg
2014-01-08 16.08.22.jpg
Simple lines of embroidery for balloons

Simple lines of embroidery for balloons

I collaged them in photoshop so that I could create the correctly proportioned illustration, which I filled in with areas of colour to make it a bright and interesting display for a window. 

The exciting arrival of my illustration

The exciting arrival of my illustration

Progression of illustration:


If you happen to find yourself near Oxford St in the next few weeks, take a detour to Margaret St, just 2 streets away that runs parallel with Oxford St and take a look at Hand & Lock's new window display!

Balloonscapethis one.jpg