coffee text.jpg

I was invited to create 6 original artworks for Harris + Hoole's latest coffee shop based in Fitzrovia. I worked closely with the interior designer to create large scale illustrations that were hand painted directly onto the walls of the cafe. Fitzrovia is an area that attracted many inspirational writers like Virginia Woolf and George Orwell so I wanted to create illustrations that had a hand drawn/written feel. The end results seem as though they are  pages straight from a notebook or diary just like many people who spend time in coffee shops. A lot of the lettering and phrasing is from Samuel Pepys diary, who first mentioned 'Harris' and 'Hoole' in one of his entries in 1664-

 "Feb. 3d, 1664. In Covent Garden to-night, going to fetch home my wife, I stopped at the great Coffee-house there, where I never was before: Where Dryden the poet (I knew at Cambridge), and all the wits of the town, and Harris the player, and Mr Hoole of our College. And had I had time then, or could at other times, it will be good coming thither, for there, I perceive, is very witty and pleasant discourse."

I created a lot of the line work using ink and a calligraphy pen to emulate Samuel Pepys diary entries and took inspiration from David Hockney's interpretation of 'The Rake's Progess'.