I was recently commissioned to create an original illustration for a christmas card featuring a French Bulldog.

I decided to have a bit of fun with this one...

2013-12-03 21.40.38.jpg

I decided on a cute french bull dog and because it's christmas and there is a massive christmas jumper trend at the minute I decided the little guy shouldn't be left out! So he's got his own designer jumper too.

So, Using my usual intricate style of small mark making with fineliner I started to shade him in, using small dots and lines close together to create the variations of texture and shade. 

2013-12-03 21.48.02.jpg
2013-12-03 22.26.50.jpg

Once I had completed the mark making, I felt he needed a little more depth and tonal contrast. So using a bit of ink and water I shaded in the areas of shadow, particularly the forehead and legs, Next stage.... Colour.

2013-12-03 23.04.17.jpg

A little bit of subtle colour on his jumper and he's finished! What do you think?

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Shanghai Fashion Week

Over 2 months ago my tutor from DMU emailed to tell me that my collection had been selected to be displayed at Shanghai Fashion Week. Needless to say I was excited and grateful.  

It was strange to think that my collection, that I worked on for so long and put everything into, was going to be half way across the world and displayed to a completely different culture. 

My final collection, as I am sure many other Fashion Design Students will agree, is a very personal thing. Details, colour, cuts and fabric choices have all been informed by our culture, childhood and experiences. And each stitch,embroidery, bead and macrame knot has a moment and memory attached, whether good or bad (often difficult). My first outfit has a jacket with a macrame section, which (for my own sanity) I never worked out how long it took. I can still look at the Jacket and recall what I was watching or listening to at the time (embarrassingly, a lot of it was the complete series of Sabrina The teenage witch). 

On October 22nd, I received a tweet from my friend with a link to the images from the Shanghai Catwalk   []

I  was so happy and proud to see my work in China! It's slightly surreal aswell, because I was still in rainy Northumberland, working and it is so strange to think that when I get my collection back, it has travelled further than I have.  

But, I can claim that I've been to China, right?




Here a few links to media response:


Screen Print, laser etch, Vinyl,    

Screen Print, laser etch, Vinyl,