Inktober Week 1

This year I’ve taken part in Inktober, a daily drawing challenge started by Jake Parker (though I’m not following the ‘official’ prompts). I’ve been posting updates over on my instagram page (@bryonymoss_illustration). My aim is to create a double page of illustrations every day so that by the end of October I have a completed sketchbook, like this one I finished last month:


It’s a good challenge for me to draw even if I don’t feel like drawing that day. Some of the elements that I have been drawing will be used within other projects that I have been working on so it also acts as a journal for me.


Week 1 reflection:


I would say my favourite drawing from the week is the majestic pigeon from day 2, it was a fun one to draw and a character developed from one of my embroideries.

My least favourite is Day 5, it didn’t really turn out the way I expected to however there are elements of it that I like eg. the background leaves and the clover.

I am starting to think that a daily double page spread was a little ambitious! Especially as last week was one of my busiest weeks of the year ( but more about that later). I’m enjoying inktober so far but I'm finding it tricky without prompts, if you have any suggestions for what you’d like to see me draw, please get in touch!


I've been using a Kaweco fountain pen (from Papersmiths, Shoreditch) and a PH Hightide Japan notebook ( from iyouall, East Dulwich) 📓🖋

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Christmas Round up!

A post Christmas round up with a few photos from my Christmas markets including The Craftyfox market, Craft Bustacular and SoLo Craft.


I had smaller stands this year which meant  that space was very limited when you can't spread out you must spread up! my amazing friends designed and made this very tall stand for my display. The shelves can be moved around, the boards come apart and it all packs down very flat.  

My new baubles went down a treat, decorated with the illustrations from my latest christmas card designs. I decorated each bauble with a digitally printed transfer and my ceramicist friend fired them for me! 


New things


The latest mug to my collection is the Soy Sauce Fish design. I love the little soy sauce bottles that come with sushi, I can't bear to throw them away as they're too cute (I have a stash of them in my desk drawer...) They originated in Japan, like most ridiculously cute things do. I drew the illustration early last year and made a few shrink pins of them, I am so pleased with how they have turned out as mugs. My favourite is the little fish inside, his cap has been removed so that he can say 'Hello'.  My new business cards and thank you stickers have this lil guy on too, which I add to every order on my website and etsy shop.

hello soy.jpg

I've always loved stickers, especially sticker sheets. I'm usually too precious with them and I never want to stick them on anything because I like them too much.  Now that I have my own sheets of stickers I'm far less precious and I'm sticking them everywhere! I think they make great little presents when I'm sending a little notecard to a friend and I want to include a little something extra but don't want to pay tonnes on postage (you say cheap, I say thrifty). 


I'm thrilled with my new products and it feels so great to expand on a collection that I love and others love too. If you would like to get your hands on these new products, check out my etsy store.

Craftacular 2017, York Hall, Bethnal Green

What happened to May? I swear it didn't even happen, for me it was a blur of sewing up cat butts and glueing pom poms on bears. It was all worth it though in preparation for my first ever BUST Craftacular at York Hall in Bethnal Green! I had such great time meeting other crafty folk and new customers, it was a fun and safe bubble that cushioned us from from the awful events that happened in London the previous night. Even the stamps on the door meant that everyone who came into the hall was branded with the word 'Love', it really did feel like all who went and took part really meant that. 

I had a lot of new products which I was excited to share with everyone including a new range of pom pom cards made for Pearl and Black, decorative cat cushions and pencil cases. There was a hugely positive response for my new (and old) additions and lots of love for my stall display. Designing my stall is one of my favourite aspects of taking part in craft fairs, I think it's really important to create an engaging space that reflects the fun in my products. On a low budget you really have to get creative with mount board, old wine crates and sharpies!

Once I get some nice photos of all the new things I'll put them up on my etsy shop. 



Hand embellished pom pom cards 



Next up is another fair I haven't done before which is  SoLo Craft fair in Balham Bowls club  that means this week I have to stock up on my business cards and make some more of my popular grumpy cat pins.

Hopefully see you there!  

Christmas 2016 round up

Let's not mention that it's February and I'm only just posting my Christmas fair photos....  

Christmas 2016- Crafty Fox Market, The Dogstar Brixton 

Christmas 2016- Crafty Fox Market, The Dogstar Brixton 

Christmas 2016- Crafty Fox Market, The Dogstar Brixton

Christmas 2016- Crafty Fox Market, The Dogstar Brixton

Christmas 2016- Innocent drinks HQ

Christmas 2016- Innocent drinks HQ

Christmas 2016- Innocent drinks HQ

Christmas 2016- Innocent drinks HQ

Hand decorated bone china bauble  

Hand decorated bone china bauble  

Crafty Fox Market - Bussey Building

I had a great time at the Crafty Fox Market my stall was nestled between the lovely Margarita from Chocolate Creative (check out their great wooden hooks!) and Lisa Stickley (signing her  cute children's book). I went for a feminine theme with loads of pink and flowers and it wasn't until I put it all together that I realised how girly I am... 

I'd say the hot seller of the day was my grumpy cat pin; a pin made for Mondays. I've added these to my etsy shop add this moody little dude to your ever growing pin collection!

I'll be back for another Crafty Fox Market on Sunday 4th of December this time at Dogstar in Brixton. I will be stocked with christmas cards, novelty cushions and more pins for it. Now begins the TERRIFYING countdown until Christmas and I can't believe it's been nearly a year since my Hallmark placement!

So much to catch up on, let me say it with pictures:

I've added a few new ranges of cards including the Floral collection, the Howdy Cactus collection and the Grumpy Animals collections which I will keep adding to over the next few months. They are all available through my Etsy shop as well as my new collection of bone china mugs! I'm just doing a few for now but planning to have more, so keep an eye out.

Last month I had the opportunity to get involved with the Crafty Fox markets at the Bussey building in Peckham, London. The stall looked great (massive thanks to Alex for her set design skills!) and my new ranges were well received and it was such a good opportunity to get one-to-one feedback, everyone was so lovely and encouraging.

Also make sure you visit Pick Me Up festival at Somerset House, it's on for the next two weeks. There are some incredible illustrations on display, live demonstrations of letterpress by Alan Kitching and really fun workshops to get involved with. I took part in the bookbinding session with Hato Press, it's the perfect way to combine my love of paper and embroidery so I'll be making a few handmade notebooks over the next few weeks.

Hopefully in my next blog I'll be able to share with you my illustrations for the new lifestyle magazine, Heiter. Enjoy the weekend and why not send a friend a nice card?

The Avon Lady of Cards

For the last few weeks I have been in Christmas mode, designing my new range of Christmas cards for the markets that I will be involved with. The first one is with The Crafty Fox and I'm really excited for it. I love that they're an engaging and welcoming community and I've enjoyed meeting fellow traders at talks and meet ups, so fingers crossed that it all goes well!  That's on the 8th of December at the Museum of London Docklands from 5pm-9pm, come and see me, I will have new prints and mugs for sale alongside my cards. For more info click here.

I dropped by Hand & Lock with my cards, I think this might be the start of a new tradition, they named me the 'Avon Lady of Cards'. Unfortunately I don't have a catalogue with scratch n sniff pages but I do have an etsy shop so you can see my cards there. Click the pug!


Haaaaaave you met my friend Ned?

Meet Ned, one of my latest commissions:


I was asked to create an illustration of Ned the cat in regency style attire for a circular regency styled frame.

I'm always a fan of personifying a pet so this was a great opportunity. I also loved that Ned's white fur on his chest looks a lot like ruffles anyway!

Like most of my drawings I start with a loose pencil line and then draw in the detailed lines with pen and I added a touch of gold leaf for his medal. Fancy.

SO much fun to do! Contact me to discuss a commission... as you can see, the weirder the better.