Inktober Week 1

This year I’ve taken part in Inktober, a daily drawing challenge started by Jake Parker (though I’m not following the ‘official’ prompts). I’ve been posting updates over on my instagram page (@bryonymoss_illustration). My aim is to create a double page of illustrations every day so that by the end of October I have a completed sketchbook, like this one I finished last month:


It’s a good challenge for me to draw even if I don’t feel like drawing that day. Some of the elements that I have been drawing will be used within other projects that I have been working on so it also acts as a journal for me.


Week 1 reflection:


I would say my favourite drawing from the week is the majestic pigeon from day 2, it was a fun one to draw and a character developed from one of my embroideries.

My least favourite is Day 5, it didn’t really turn out the way I expected to however there are elements of it that I like eg. the background leaves and the clover.

I am starting to think that a daily double page spread was a little ambitious! Especially as last week was one of my busiest weeks of the year ( but more about that later). I’m enjoying inktober so far but I'm finding it tricky without prompts, if you have any suggestions for what you’d like to see me draw, please get in touch!


I've been using a Kaweco fountain pen (from Papersmiths, Shoreditch) and a PH Hightide Japan notebook ( from iyouall, East Dulwich) 📓🖋

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